Source: NYT: The Best Films of 2018, So Far

See, comrade, this is what happens when you forget to log your tasks to WIP.
97, 98, 99, cmon do your crunches man
Why isn't he paying taxes
He's been meditating the whole day
…and there's the previous tenant.
Here is my new carpet.
He could be a friggin saint for all I care, the guy didn’t take off his shoes Tommy. I explicitely told him to take off his goddamn shoes. Look at him now.
Worst game of hide and seek ever.. I see you right there Jimmy. I’m colorblind, not blind.
It’s the wrong guy idiot! Does this even remotely look like the guy in the painting to you?
for fucks sake pete what kind of caption are they supposed to write about this
Vote for Donald Trump, he said. Make America Great again, he said.
That's what happens when we laugh at my hair.
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Made by Marc Köhlbrugge