Source: BBC / Sarah Jelbert

New tech startup uses crows to store passwords in secure location. Animal activists in uproar.
A new record of unemployment among pigeons. Crows are their biggest setback since e-mail.
A whopping 74% of black birds claimed they would vote against President Trump in the next election.
Forget the Panama papers.. now the Canary islands papers are all people are raven about. founder M.K. claims "selecting images is an automated process and totally random"
Prime Minister of Crowatia casts his ballot. Race with challenger is too close to caw.
Twitter HQ - The board decided sending tweets with RL birds was better.
Where’s that lottery ticket I found? I think it won.
Successful landing of a new crowfunding platform.
Crows wiped out humanity and banned all use of Information Technology. Enter the post-I.T. era.
The crow just receive mail from his twin Jekyll so obviously he's Hekkyll.
This is the Ukraine secretly training Crows to steal money from President Putin National Bank Reserves as financial compensation for Krim Annexation.
Entering password, beakcode accepted!
Winter is coming
"Amazon Prime Now deliver packages in under two hours"
Alfred Hitchcock Launches Birds 2 - You've Got Mail!
Scientists have taught a crow to remove old post-its.
Birds using Government backed paper money in exchange for food.
And the crowscar this year goes to...
The Crow is the new Paul! Tomorrow we have Belgium and France at the World Cup. And The winner is...
Crow pulls out his ID before he goes to vote for the next American president
Your password is now in the voice of the crow. Technology invention
You've got mail Lord Commander
CrowPass is the brand new solution for storing your passwords securely.
Now the mouse will never figure out who moved his cheese.
The early bird gets the worm but the second crow gets the cheese.
I hope HR reads this complaint. It seems like I write the same one every week but nothing changes around here. I AM ONLY ASKING THAT THESE DAMN SQUIRRELS STOP MESSING WITH MY BIRD FEEDER!!!
Winter is coming
Local crows submit ballot for statewide Crow King elections amidst tensions that crows should not be able to vote
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