Source: BBC: Fossil of 'first giant' dinosaur discovered in Argentina (photo: CECILIA APALDETTI)

Hide-and-seek player found (dead) after 200 million years.
I found this humerus.
Dinosaur stuck in the ground. Rescue team tries to help the animal, but it’s too late.
When you Google “boning” with Safe Search on.
Makes you realize how much dirt there is in the world. So much dirt it totally covered the biggest being to every walked the earth. But no one asks the question, where does all this dirt come from?? 🤔
The most controversial street artist in the world, Banksy, buried a dinosaur fossil in Central Park.
First Argentinian all-you-can-eat steakhouse scores 1 star on Yelp. According to the family that has been eating there for generations the food was cold and they can’t even order a second course. Launches! Promises Mammoth Connections!
I'd like to pick a bone with you.
Tea, Rex?
Can someone please just pass me a hose? This is taking far too long.
It's so big...
This family could eat there for so long because nobody had an official name when the restaurant opened its cave.
"Everywhere we go... We don't really care... If people stop and stare at our pal di-noooo !"
Elon Musk determined to bring dinosaur back from the dead.
Animal laid down for long nap. Awakened by Tango music & burrowing hipsters discussing Burning Man
Argentinian National Rock Cleaning Club recruiting drive triples club membership to three.
Christian Paleontologists uncover fake news bones which can be carbon dated with fake science...
How to find fossil of dinosaur!!!
Fossil dating not as romantic as it sounds.
Good news for giants that prefer their aged bone-in ribeye 'medium rare.'
Giant dinosaur fossils carved in buried bones by bored archeologists.
Height of industrialization: Apparently people are now building sand castles using sandstones.
Police warn of massive dog on loose, after scientists discover bones it burried.
Getting Windows ready Don't turn off your computer
Marc Köhlbrugge discovers Caption Cat remains. FBI called in to investigate.
First dinosaur, that stepped on a Lego brick was found in Argentina.
CSI Jurassic Park: The Asteroids Are Innocent!
Hard Rock Cafe
When you're at the Spa undergoing a full body treatment.
Paleontologists continue to cover up fossils after realizing no money in paleontology
When your Great Dane buries something in the yard
Me on a Saturday night: I'm just gonna rest my eyes for a minute... My friends:
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