Source: CNN: California's strangest buildings

Architect threw paper sketch in bin, but changed his mind.
"Fortunately, Parkinson's disease hasn't affected my work", says architect Ryan Mungia.
When LSD hit the real estate market
Betalist headquarters stays ahead of the curve
When you blinked during eye laser surgery.
🚨2046: everyone finally believed in climate change after houses started melting...
The real estate bubble is real.
For the first time ever, an earthquake, measuring in at 5.2 on the richter scale, has won the prestigious Pritzker Award.
Real life Google Earth house
This i what you get when you hire drunk employee for your real estate business.
As the summer unfolded, Billy's choice of white chocolate as the building material for his new house suddenly seemed like a much less good idea.
Home Alone 6 to be released sometime next year
wHaT Do yOu mEaN It lOoKs cRoOkEd?
Poor Freddy failed architecture.
The californian real restate market experiments bouncy houses.
"If it fits, I sits" - Godzilla
I came here to build houses and drink whisky, and I'm out of whisky
I wanna spoke what this house is smoking
I told you not to outsource this project.
A Level - I don't need no stinking level
When architects pretend to do cool agile stuff, like mockups
Federal Building Inspector Arrested For Suspected Hallucinogenic Trafficking.
Fortunately legalizing marijuana had no effect on Los Angeles building design.
If Salvador Dali had become an architect, this would have been hister master piece.
"Why I oughta"
I'm so done with Angie's List
Contrary to popular local mythology, the Center for Cartoon Addiction actually owed its unique architecture to the previous owner's extensive and varied collection of funhouse mirrors.
The owner is so fat that when sitting around the house he actually sits around the house.
This is why you shouldn't make your homework after a night of heavy drinking
"Modest Silicon Valley Apartment Sells for $2.8m"
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