Source: BBC: Employees sort footballs at a company manufacturing sports equipment in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, China.

China sentences all domestic soccer balls to 10 years imprisonment for not qualifying for Fifa World Cup.
Chinese company finds effective way to raise job satisfaction. All employees are having a ball.
China sending kids to jail to practice soccer
Trump administration claims that children held by Homeland Security have ample access to recreation equipment.
China continues experiments to train telekinetic factory workers
In China, the first balloon prototypes that will cross the bars will soon be available on the market.
World Cup Prison Gains Popularity For All Yellow Card Violators
Those without sufficient goals could expect to be round up and given a penalty.
China won't qualify for next world cup either. Chinese still misusing soccer balls as basket balls.
North Korean players still imprisoned after losing 7 - 0 to Portugal in 2010. Given lots of soccer balls to practice for 2022.
China’s crimerate hits another all time low. Their creativity of what to do with the empty cells as well.
China doesn’t quite get the teamsport aspect of soccer yet.
Naughty balls
Ball factory accidentaly filled balls with helium
Copy paste in real life; made in china
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