Source: BBC: Andrey Bartenev, 52

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When Western people copy Gangnam style.
Mum, dad. I'm going to art school.
British Royal Guard is abandoning age old tradition to make way for ‘a more modern appearance’.
The art of beating the casual dresscode
A quick guide to recognize the first signs of a midlife crisis
Elton John atempts to start clothing brand
H&M's summer 2019 edition leaked.
Illegal aliens, confined to this converted Walmart, are trying to make the best of things.
"வேடமிட்ட மனிதனின் பார்வையில் ; சமூக கோவம் வெளிப்படுதோ என்னமோ ; ஆதலால் அது மனித சிந்தனைக்கு"
Clockwork Orange 2019
Look out! There is an alien in disguise sneaking up behind you.
Spoiled millennials are imitating aliens 👽
Fashion For Dummies!
Guess which one I did with my 3D printer?
Fashion Rulebreakers Defy Stereotypes in Finding NEW Customers
Scientists have decided on the photo they will send to space in an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrials.
First day at my new job
Ok boy, this is how your tooth looks like inside. The sweet-stuff germs threw their nighty party
I have no idea what I am doing
Rupaul's Drag Race season 274
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