Source: CNN: ANU Biogeochemistry Lab Manager Janet Hope holds a vial containing the world's oldest intact pigments.

Look! One drop of it has blured me! 2 more and im invisible! Whhahahahha
Hmm. The patient clearly needs to drink more water.
Formula to destroy node modules
Everybody be cool this is a robbery. Any of you f*ing pricks move, and I'll infect every motherf*ing last one of ya!!
Science, bitches.
Pregnancytest now available for 60+.
"Yeah, I just drop this into my coffee every morning and hustle the day away."
“I have this much patience left...”
THIS is espresso
Never tell old people it's cool to go viral
If f*cks would be liquid, this is about the amount I'd give.
This is ebola
Researchers alter DNA sequences to make a mushroom took the form of a human hand when escaping from a vial.
This is what you get when you have a €10 whisky on the airport
Little dick, little pee...
My result of today!
OK, get the blotting paper ready, I've made some more.
THIS is a sample of Forgetfulness Potion. And kids, let me tell you that... hmmm... that... ... .. .
Kardashian Family Intelligence Quotient Discovered!
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