Source: CNN: Bompas & Parr claim to have developed the world's first glow-in-the-dark ice cream. (Credit: Courtesy Anthony Upton)

Please turn off your ice cream before the movie begins
Yellow snow cones for everybody!
Consumer warning: what goes in must come out. Eating glow-in-the-dark ice cream will lead to glow-in-the-dark ***.
Tinder offers fluorescent cones to its most active users.
The nuclear meltdown near the icecream factory luckily didnโ€™t affect our icecream at all. We tested it and itโ€™s perfectly safe to eat.
Whitening toothpaste flavored ice-creams are massive hit
#movie #Fun #Icecream #Waitingtoeaticecream #SmileFaces
Are they vegan?
Someone spiked the ice cream. #HappyFeelings
Eating glow-sticks: government issues warning about next dangerous trend amongst vloggers
Ola launches Fukushima cornetto
And when shit glows
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