Source: The north end of Lake Clark.CreditChristopher Miller for The New York Times

John regretted leaving the oven on, after sneaking out in his kayak.
Canoe believe this view?
I have no memory of this place
John stared in a state of rapture as the cloud of deadly nerve gas descended towards him.
Orange escapes misty mountain with kayak.
This Oregon Trail simulator is BS.
"Would you like to set this image as your desktop Background"? YES | NO
Well shit.
I decided to take a break in Fortnite
I Dream of Jeannie The Wilderness Edition. {After Tony wishes for Peace and Quiet, Jeannie Blinks Him Into the Middle of Nowhere and Vaporizes Back Into Her Bottle.]
How white people imagine their arrival at Jamaica
Liberals when Trump wins in 2010.
Liberals when Trump wins in 2020.
Wait a sec... thatโ€™s not on the map. Fuck Iโ€™m lost
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