Source: In May, 932 people in Fuyang, China gathered to set the Guinness World Record for most people dressed up as emoji faces (Credit: Getty Images)

Emoji Inc. Factory Workers Strike Claiming Volatile Emotional Working Conditions.
"Let's the racist jokes challenge begins !"
What you can expect to see in Black Mirror's next season
The advancement of uncontrollable AI continues: humans captured by emoji.
Don’t look now dear... but I think your sister’s family wants to come and stay!
Ok Tommy... tell me one last time where you hid the Ritalin?
It’s the March to End Happiness. Help us end all smiling and laughter in our lifetime.
That day, the ice cream man sold more e-mochi ice cream than ever before.
China closes the internet to the public. People need to find new ways of communication.
I'll be waiting for you at the airport. I will be the one holding an emoji panel
this is the last emoji I used on snapchat
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