Source: BBC

Mmm I didn’t know Ryanair had first class
What’s a day in this position compared to 9 months?
Capsulehotel 2.0 launched first travelpod: book now and wake up in a different country!
Teleportation gone wrong
No Frills Economy Frequent Flyer Program Launched By Delta Airlines
Pack only the essentials they said.
The "Uberization" of Air Travel.
Had enough of uncomforfable economy airplane seats in which you can’t sleep? Try our new solution.....The People’s Bag
Our budget got cut so we had find other means of transporting the body to the morgue.
had to find*... sorry for the typo but i can't delete now 😢️
The science police are at it again!
Druken man falls asleep during Hide and Seek game
Airline ticket prices soar, people now opting for luggage option.
Pre-priority boarding
I'm afraid what they'll find in Trump's OTHER carry-on.
Dooms-day is here!!! Invasion of Circle Head aliens is inevitable anymore. (sleep for your lives!!)
New job:Human parcel delivery across world.
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