Source: BBC: In search of American WW2 pilots missing off Corsica

Who parked this plane in my swimming pool?
There are more aeroplanes in the ocean than submarines in the sky
Hiding in plane sight
I sink I know what happened. - I sea what you did there. Rust in peace. - That’s just plane wrong.
I signed up for skydiving. I want a refund.
Yo Cap - you in here?
Looking for my pink plane. Nope, not this one. Where did I parked it?
This is the last time we fly Ryanair .
Finding Nemo
Waiter, something flew in my soup
Insurance company sends down divers to determine if it technically was a planecrash, or a planesplash.
Property of Ned Flanders...
"Wingardium Leviosa !"
Am I late for boarding?
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