Source: The New York Times / George Etheredge

In case of emergency, unfreeze the snowman
Insert $0.25 to keep this snow man alive.
There’s no man at the new chill spot
How to be a master at hide-and-seek
They never found the snow man. The policed considered it a cold case.
Your face in a capsulehotel trying out the aircon turbo mode.
olaf in summer
Smallest and coldest apartment in the Bay Area.
When I look at myself in the mirror
Only one visitor so far at new chill spot
Snow zoo not the succes people were hoping for. But who knows, maybe they'll warm up to it.
The Snowman still in ice-olation. He lickied his informer boom-boom down.
Someone has been starring me from across the street
Who sold my baby
"Hey, Freeze. The heat is on."
Doorway to alternate “Snowman Hell” dimension discovered outside local middle school
Where is your nose, my snowman Where is your nose? I wanna know, my snowman, I wanna know Where is your no-- oh oh eh oh I wanna know, oh oh eh oh Where is your nose, oh oh eh oh... I wanna know...
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