Source: BBC / Soft drinks plastic packaging makes up around 20% of the total food and drink packaging on the market, according to data from Coca Cola (Credit: Getty Images)

Stack Overflow
Presenting... LEGO by The Coca-Cola Company
Druuuuugs???? No, of course NOT !! are you crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? I guess I’m just high on life 🤩
Sky is the limit
"Let me just drink one coke" escalated quickly
The pursuit of emptiness
What they meant to say is they spill 80% of their production.
Low fat diet
99 bottles of Coke on the wall, 99 bottles of Coke...
Ever since the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy", the Gods actually got crazier.
Bad example of a vegan diet
“Sure we’re putting a little less in each bottle to save money, but customers won’t even notice!”
The Glass Side of Life
"Always Coca-Cola!"
Enough is not enough
That moment when you told yourself this bottle of cola will be the last one... I couldn't have been more wrong
I said, do not bring your elephant!! Don´t come any closer!
Coca-Cola Clear
That's strange...I'm sure I bought them all yesterday...(with bloated stomach)
How to be a Fallout millionaire (NOT CLICKBAIT)
Meanwhile, at Grandpa’s house...
I have $300 in the bank right now
Merry Christmas 🎅
The perfect hipster wall
Colombian customs: biggest coke find in history
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